Resources for Writers

The Crazy Cubicle Man

Basically, these are some of the best articles I've come across on the web for aspiring writers.

Writing the Male Point of View (be less chatty!)

Dialogue Tags vs Descriptive Beats (every writer should read this one.)

Purdue Online Writing Lab  (a great help for spelling and grammar!)

What NOT to do When Beginning Your Novel (opinions! helpful, but take these with a grain of salt.)

It's Not About the Plot. It's About the Story.

Does Your Protagonist Have Amnesia? (you've got to think about all the details you don't write.)

How Long Should Your Novel Be? (a few things to know about word count)

Seven Tips to Writing Your Novel

Let the Characters Tell the Story (Some helpful pointers about 'voice')

Story First, Writing Second (How to plan for everything before you write your first word)

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