I'm crazy at heart and not really mentally sound. Somehow, the people that should know better licensed me to be a therapist. 

Latest obsessions: iZombie, Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (and their Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn), Swedish Clogs, Nurse Jackie, Christopher Nolan (the dude is seriously an awesome storyteller) and free Kindle books! 

Dark Siren, the first in a series of four books (apparently that's called a quadrilogy), is a story of redemption and second chances as two characters come to understand that sometimes, great evil is necessary to preserve what is loved most. There's lots of action, plenty of romance, adventure, and drama. It's young adult fiction that adults will love too.

I promise you'll find something different in Dark Siren. The story definitely indulges in supernatural elements...but not in a traditional way. 

Dark Siren, Banewolf (Dark Siren #2), and Blood Chained (Dark Siren #3) are available in ebook and paperback form. Primed Son (the final installment of Kali and Rhane's adventure) is currently available in ebook only. 
Visit the Books page for more info. 

Next up! Love, Alchemy, a New Adult Romance with Sci-Fi/Paranormal undertones. Coming July 1, 2016!

**The short stories of Reggie and Nathan provide a really dysfunctional relationship model. Don't do what they do. Just get a good laugh from their antics.**

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