Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Preview Thinner than Blood


The world I’m growing up in is very different from yours. This world has broken my family apart. No longer can we live as packs. We must blend in with humans to avoid being hunted. Even then, sometimes the mercs will find us…like tonight.
While the existence of what humans have named werewolves was discovered a long time ago, it was only in the last decade or so that some human egghead realized the blood of a werewolf could be a cure-all for the human race. Cancer, AIDS, heart disease, bird flu, swine flu…hell, even STDs. Get a transfusion of our blood or receive a transplant of our harvested organs and you’ll never have to worry about being sick for the rest of your life. Nope, not even a cold.
Unfortunately, it took some bad reactions for the eggheads to appreciate that the blood and tissues of a werewolf tend to be very incompatible with human bodies. A lot of people died before some well-meaning mixed breed like myself volunteered to help the humans. His actions damned us all.

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