Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thinner than Blood

Thinner than Blood: A dystopian novelette
Publication date: September 2013
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult
Cover Design by Laura Gordon

“He…looks like a god. Battle worn and weary. But still beautiful. Still dangerous.” 

To see a true werewolf is a rare thing these days. When humans discovered that werewolf blood and organs could be the cure-all for every disease under the sun, they were hunted to near extinction. A few are left, but only the strongest of alphas. 

Their descendants remain. Mixed bloods like me. Many of us have been taken captive, experimented on, kept in cages as we are drained of our blood. Those who remain free are leaderless. Without packs. 

And in this world, a lone wolf is a dead wolf. 

I am human enough to live among humans. As long as I keep my head down and don’t venture out in darkness. 

One night, I lose my cool. It was stupid really. She was just a pretty girl. An easy score. I should’ve known better. 

But my secret is discovered.

And I am taken.

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Thinner than Blood (a novelette)

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