Monday, August 5, 2013

Indie Author Land: A Great Resource for Self-Published Authors

About a month ago, I discovered this lovely website called Indie Author Land. The home page held dozens of books, some with eye-grabbing and professional looking covers. Quite a few demanded my attention, so I began exploring. And discovered these weren't just book listings. They were interviews with the actual authors, a chance for each of them to discuss so much more than the pitch! 

So of course my next thought was, how can I do this?

Not only did I learn I could be interviewed, but that it was completely free! 

My interview is here

Indie Author Land is a great resource for self-published authors. Not only is it free publicity, but David Njoku, the interviewer, has constructed a set of questions that allows professional gushing about all the points you most want to discus on your novel. It's more than just the pitch. It's what's motivates you, the characters, even why you named the book what you did. 

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Did I mention that it's free?

Check it out. 

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