Thursday, April 11, 2013

The One About Pole Dancing

The origins of pole dancing can be traced back to several countries. In India, pole dancing was an ancient sport designed for men. The Chinese had pole climbing, more of a gymnastic thing, dating back at least 1,000 years. And then there was Africa. If it’s twisty, rhythmic dancing, then it probably had a dabble somewhere in Africa. There, women once used pole dancing to show future husbands what type of intercourse they wanted. Cool huh?

But let’s talk about the modern day. Pole dancing is having a bit of a revolution. No longer just a strip and a tease done for money, women all over the country are embracing pole dancing as the new fitness craze. And it does have plenty of benefits.
  • It’s great cardio! Burn 200 calories within an hour.
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Strengthens muscles in the core, legs and butt  
  • Feel sexy doing it. Build confidence.

With all these good effects, why not join the crowd and try it out? Well, that’s what I thought. Nathan had other ideas…

The One about Pole Dancing

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“I went to a strip club once. It was not stimulating.”
Nate and I were sitting in front of the paused television having a conversation that--like many of the conversations that we have—wasn’t going anywhere productive.
“There was a girl over here in a cage and a girl over there.” He gestured with his hands to indicate the left and right sides of a stage. “And then there was a girl on the stage but she wasn’t on the pole.”
“Then where was she?”
“Crawling around on the floor.”
I still didn’t get why none of it was a turn-on. “Well, was she naked?”
He nodded. “Butt naked.”
Laughing, “Then why didn’t you like it?”
“It was dark and filthy. And the beer cost too much.”
I laughed again. Nathan had always been a bit of a miser. “The pricey beer bothered you more than the filth.”
He shrugged. “Maybe.”
“Okay, but we were talking about pole dancing.”
Nathan looked confused. “Huh?”
“Pole dancing, Nate.”
He stared just at me blankly. I realized that he’d been missing the entire point of the conversation.
“I want to take a series of classes down in Charleston. I hear they’re the most reputable.”
“Why would you want to take pole dancing classes?”
“Oh my god,” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes dramatically. “To get in shape. The instructor is like 2 percent body fat.”
Instead of being the most wonderful boyfriend in the world and telling me that I was perfect and didn’t need to lose weight, Nate said, “Just go to the gym.”
“It’s not that simple.”
Then he looked at me like I was confused. “It is that simple. You’ve got a treadmill over here and weights over there. Get on the treadmill. Lift the weights. Way less effort.”
“That’s the point!” I smacked his shoulder. “More effort burns more calories. And I might pick up some sexy moves for us later.”
Shaking his head, Nathan turned away and hit play on the remote. “You will fall on your face trying to work a pole. And I will not be impressed.”
“You’re a jerk.”
He smiled that easy grin that I loved him for. “But I’m right.”

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